credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, economy, finance

credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, economy, finance

Bill seeking that partners to the charity sector (cooperatives, employees, associations, mutual funds) to pay in advance their credits without being punished was approved in first reading.

In first debate was approved the project which seeks that people associated with the charity sector to pay in advance their loans without being punished. The proposal seeks to the prepayment of credit entities supervised by the Superintendency of economic solidarity.

This initiative wants to consumers of credit products, both funds employees and mutual associations and cooperatives, have right to make advance payments at any time without incurring any penalty.

The President and Congressman from the party conservative, David Barguil, author of the Bill, said that this would be enshrined as a right of the affiliated entities supervised by the Superintendency of solidarity economy the total or partial advance payment of their obligations without penalty.

This initiative would benefit more than 6 million members of the charity sector and promptly close to the 3 million who today have existing credits.

The project also contemplates the solidary sector entities are obliged to provide transparent and timely information to the user at the time prior to the granting of credit on the possibility of making advance payments of its obligation.

Debtors would have the right to decide if the partial payment made is credited with decrease of long-term capital or capital reduction in the value of the fee from the obligation.

December 2015, cooperatives accounted for 64.5% of portfolio, the funds of employees 34.7% and the mutual 1%. Cooperatives providing services credit unions supervised by the SuperSolidaria had 1′ 324.094 credits by $8.9 billion placed, with an average amount of $6 ‘ 700.000.

Employees funds had $4.8 trillion in 1′ 352.505 credits with average amounts of $3 ‘ 500.000.

The mutual had 25.361 credits for $96.650 million with average amounts of $3 ‘ 800.000.

credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, economy, finance


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