loans, credit, loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans

loans, credit, loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans

Economic needs often arise us and we are in the situation of seeking an immediate personal loan. We need urgent money to deal with an unexpected expense or to pay something that we have been wanting. From money for a specific trip or vacation to arrange a car fault or cover an essential work in our home.

The traditional way of credit, each with more cuts and terms and conditions too demanding for the citizens, are associated with a significant loss of time between that processed your application and users know if they have been or not granted the loan… a wait that faced an economic emergency is feasible!

Thanks to the development and implementation of credit institutions specialising in the online miniprestamos we can get that small amount of money fast without having to submit any endorsement or payroll, as we require in a bank.

Micro-loans are quick loans to cover the payment of not very large amounts of money immediately and with interest rates tailored to the economic circumstances of the users.

In Vivus.es, the user can request between 50 and up to 900 euros and check through your Simulator online interests of your order. As we know that you need the loan immediately it took the least in reply to your request.

Fast money in a few minutes

To apply for a loan online, we know that the time of waiting to find out if they grant it to us or it will not be much less than if we were a Bank, but… and if you respond in less than 15 minutes? Now that’s fast!

So we do it at Vivus. After filling the application and without having to send any paperwork, our experts will appreciate your fast loan grant in a few minutes and we will enter the immediate money directly into your account.

Get easy credit is already something immediate thanks to Vivus.es we offer online from 300 euros miniprestamos no interest in your first credit! To you expect to get the money you need? Fast, simple, and the most convenient way get your loan without leaving home!

Personal loans quick and paperless

In Vivus, we want to make it as easy as possible so you can get the money you need without waiting and without paperwork. You can ask us online without payroll loans or collateral.

So, just to be older than 21 years, your ID card and a bank account number enter the money directly into your account in a few minutes!

The form more easily and comfortably get a loan fast and with little documentation. From your computer or mobile, connecting to our web www.vivus.es  you can choose the amount you want and in less than 15 minutes you will receive a response the money you need at a click!

Credits online Vivus, the guarantees of the world leader

Vivus fast loans are the immediate financial solution to deal with all those contingencies of every day. Backed by 4finance group, we are present in more than 14 countries and we have behind us more than 1000 million euros in credits online-managed.

The speed, simplicity and transparency we have become less than two years the leader in micro-loans in the Spanish market. Would you like to understand better why? We tell you the advantages and guarantees that set us apart from others:

Safety: commitment to the protection of our customer data

Transparency: we offer loans without small print

Flexibility: terms and flexible conditions, work online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Managers: we have the cheapest micro-loans on the market backed by the experience of a leading financial group worldwide

Leaders: we are leaders in providing quick loans in Spain and our turnover constantly grows

loans, credit, loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans


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