loans, credits, loans credit, credits loan

loans, credits, loans credit, credits loan

Between January and July actions loans mobilized $229.163 million. Consolidate this market instrument was one of the goals set by the BVC.


The temporary loan of actions, better known in financial slang as the temporary transfers of securities (Securities Lending), has become during 2014 one growing in the Colombia Stock Exchange stock market instruments.


This is demonstrated by the figures given by the institution itself, in which there is evidence that in the corrido 2014 business had been made for $229.163 million, exceeding by 24% to $184.841 million mobilized between 2011 and 2013.


According to the President of the BVC, Juan Pablo Córdoba, “the stock exchange has aimed to consolidate other investment options and this instrument is an important tool to have a more dynamic market and above all with greater liquidity, so the bag it is important to extend it to more and more investors and show them an alternative to find additional returns in their portfolios”.


As its name implies, a TTV is that an investor “a”, call originator, delivers a number of titles on loan to another investor “b,” called the receiver, who takes them for a set time to negotiate them and obviously pays a fee to receive this benefit. At the end of the agreed time, the receiver returns the shares to the originator and the operation completes.


This type of operations, explains the BVC, allows to generate increased liquidity in the local stock market, because it makes possible investors have enough titles to complement their strategies in the short term.


To strengthen this dynamic market square has been deploying a strategy to closer product traders, for the sake of which are more familiar with it and identify the benefits and opportunities offered by the TTV in the investment options presented to your customers.


It is in this way that last July they negotiated $48.173 million in TTV by 3.15% more against the resources deployed in the previous month, dynamic growth has remained in the majority of the year and which demonstrates the acceptance that is having this instrument among local investors.


According to the BVC, the month more dynamic to the time in terms of volume operated in TTV was mayo of 2014, period in which is mobilized $ 54.126 million.


On the other hand and to further promote business through this tool, from January 2014, the BVC reduced the rates for this operation, to remove the fixed charge, the variable ranges and replace them with an effective annual rate according to the time set for the transfer.

loans, credits, loans credit, credits loan


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