When we got to the age in which we begin to develop professional activities and begin to perceive our first salary begin to understand much more valuation of resources or assets we have, seeking to manage them in the best way possible and impossible looking for generate savings or investment that will allow us to grow and reach to have more and more things on our behalf earned with the sweat of our brow.

It is there when we started to handle the concept of the world of finance, corresponding to relative movements of money, corresponding not only to States but also to the different operations carried out in terms of businesses and trades, taking to the introduction of the concept of Capital (i.e., resources that includes both personal way by a company)

His analysis is closely linked to the accounting as that is one of the tools used for a greater control of financial operations carried out, within the framework of the management of the Capital and to the study of the same to achieve an elaboration of a plan that will provide him with a proper administration and the provision allowing to reach an economic growth.

In addition, try to focus on the origins of the money, whereas the best sources of monetary income, deducting utility given obtain Capital and subsequently the elaboration of a schedule of payments and interests that correspond to transactions of money, and can manage if it is possible to make investments and even suggesting which is the best choice to be able to allocate those funds.

As in many actions of our life, is a risk for an investment and that this leave evil, being considered this financial risk, still uncertainty between the yield (i.e., the benefits that will give the operation) and the interest generated in the inverted values.