loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans, finance

loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans, finance

In 2013 total mortgage portfolio of housing loans increased 5.2% which increased the balance of capital of the same.

The National Administrative Department of statistics, Dane, revealed that when comparing the fourth quarter of 2013 with the same period in 2012, found that the mortgage portfolio of housing recorded a 14.4% increase on the total capital balance.

This variation was mainly due to the increase in force of 15.5% portfolio and decrease in the nonperforming loans of 3.7%.

Total capital for housing not VIS VIS balances recorded annual increases of 15.8% and 11.0%, respectively.

The number of mortgage loans presented a 5.2% increase mainly explained by the increase in mortgage obligations for housing No 7.0% VIS VIS 3.8.

The monthly presents a balance of total capital of $36.629 billion, which meant an increase of 4.0% from the preceding quarter.

He balance of capital total was formed by $26.171 million destined to the financing of housing type not VIS and $10.458 thousands of million for the funding of housing type VIS, of the balance of capital VIS $1,815 million belong to the portfolio of housing type VIP until 70 wage minimum.

In the fourth quarter of 2013, the value of the balance of $34.892 billion capital corresponds to existing portfolio and $1736 million current pesos to nonperforming loans of five or more installments in arrears.

The 920.443 obligations that make up the mortgage portfolio, 503.445 credits correspond to the financing of VIS, of which 151.981 credits belong to VIP and 416.998 credits for housing not VIS.

It situation economic that crosses the Peru has generated that the income of the people is eleven and by consequence them habits of indebtedness vary. Today, Peruvians to purchase his own House are willing to take up to 90% of the value of the property.

“The fee initial average that puts a person at Mivivienda is from around the 25%;” probably three or four years ago, you saw higher initial fees”, said Patricia Jiménez, Manager of the Division of Interbank mortgage business. In addition, he said that today, the Peruvian sectors C and D feels more comfortable and confident in the future of the Peru and is more willing to borrow long term.

loans, credits, loans credit, credit loans, finance


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