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Goodwill is an intangible asset in accordance with article 66 of the regulatory decree 2649 from 1993 on accounting standards. The historical cost of intangible assets corresponds to the amount of clearly identifiable expenditures incurred and which must be restatement as a result of inflation. Exercise or exploitation of intangible assets means economic benefit in various periods determined, must be amortized to recognize his contribution to the generation of income. Depreciation for accounting purposes should be systematically over their useful life, as stipulated in the same article mentioned 66.

Goodwill acquired in general.

Acquired goodwill is the additional value paid in the purchase of a suitable being economical about book value or calculated or agreed value of all net assets purchased by special attributes, such as the good name recognition, personal, reputation of privileged credit, reputation for selling the best products and services and favorable location, according to the description of the account the unique Plan of accounts – PUC 1605.

Goodwill acquired in the purchase of actions and contributions of social interest.

The superintendencies of societies and values in the Joint Circular No. 007 of 1997 defined the goodwill acquired the additional amount paid over the book value in the purchase of shares or quotas as parts of social interest of an economic entity active, if the investor has or acquires the control on it, in accordance with the provisions of articles 260 and 261 of the code of Commerce modified by articles 26 and 27 of the law 222 of 1995. Such Circular establishes that to recognize the goodwill acquired, this must be registered at the time of the acquisition of permanent investments in subordinates, always and when the basic assumptions are met to use the method of equity participation, in accordance with the Joint Circular us 013 and 009 1996 both superintendencies.

The acquired goodwill must register in 1605 of the single Plan of audit – PUC account.

credit, loans, credit loans, loans credit


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