forex, fx, currency, investments

forex, fx, currency, investments, finance

Forex is very risky and requires great knowledge to negotiate on it. Learn how to do it.

Broke out the mess of the pyramids and the illegal collection of money, foreign exchange (Forex) market was questioned since some companies are justified the high yields offered so-called investment in this market. Such is the case of the capital of the currency, a pyramid that functioned in Tulúa, Buenaventura, Cúcuta and Armenia, but whose profitability had nothing to do with the buying and selling of foreign currency. But there were also companies that promoted the product without the proper authorization of the Superintendency of financial, as the evolution of the market of the Group (Finanzas Forex), entity that supposedly established in Panama, which do not have licenses in that country.

This situation put the plate in the public pillory and creates the feeling that this kind of investment was a pyramid, when this is one of the largest financial markets in the world, in which anyone can enter through electronic means to buy and sell all kinds of currencies (dollar, euro, yen, Swiss franc, British pound sterling (among others).

In Colombia, a person can legally access foreign exchange through two mechanisms: the search for a foreign agent or do so in Colombia through an office of representation or correspondent of a foreign broker.

In the first case, if the inverter has resources in Colombia, which should be out of the country using an intermediary in currency (Bank, broker, Exchange House) as if it were making a global twist. Therefore, you must declare the origin of resources and carry out the Declaration of change in the Bank of the Republic.

The recommendation, in this case, the investment in a Hall recognized experience, supervision and control of the institutions of the State, and the use of formal channels to convert the money to the account on the outside that is going to work. Do not give money to anyone.

When it comes to a representative office and a contract of entities correspondents duly authorized by the Superintendency of finance to promote the product to any of these international corridors in the country, be sure to verify the entity references and remember all services and transactions make the corridor from outside. I.e., the entity in Colombia must certify that it opened the scoring with the international corridor and that its resources go to that account. In this case, turns to abroad that was not reported to the Bank of the Republic.

So far, the only entity authorized by the regulatory bodies of the currency is intended investment AG, representative office in Colombia with the currency of equipment investment AG, a Forex broker based in Switzerland.

How to invest in Forex?

Outer Hall and the Representative Office give the platform for investors by trading in the foreign exchange market. The customer decides if negotiated directly, or gives a trader responsible for the negotiation (managed account).

After clearing the road to access logo, remember that this is a very risky market because despite the high yields in short periods of time, it may be due to the high volatility of these markets and the high degree of leverage, also to the totality of the investment may be lost. With deposits ranging from US $300 could take positions of up to US $60,000 which makes the small variations in the price of coins that you can lose or win a big capital. Therefore, it should be clear that no one can guarantee fixed change yields. Do not rely on companies that guarantee high returns in the short term, since it is very likely that they have to take very high risks to generate them or that they are doing other things.

Speculation in the foreign exchange market should be money that you may run the risk and in case of loss does not affect the financial position or the lifestyle of the inverter. This money does not guarantee the State nor funds from deposits in Colombia or abroad. It is the investor who assumes all the risk, so it should be very well learn how to do it.

forex, fx, currency, investments, finance


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