forex, fx, economy, finance, currency, loans, credits, investments

forex, fx, economy, finance, currency, loans, credits, investments

You have two strategies basic in FOREX, an of input and an of output. Both are due to a general strategy to help you capitalize on the collective behaviour of the market. That is, the total of participating speculators.

This behavior causes the formation of cycles that recur again and again. Driven by the emotions Basic (the uncertainty, the greed, and the panic) of them speculators involved that can be exploited with the strategies FOREX before mentioned. Them specialists identify these emotions in the flow of orders and capitalized on these events every hour, every day and every month.

These cycles repetitive consist of 4 stages:

 1. accumulation

2. uptrend

3. distribution

4. trend bearish

The two trends can be easily identified by their notorious break. And two areas of uncertainty (accumulation and distribution), for its marked trajectories of range.

This general behavior determines the core of our FOREX strategies.

Purchases when the price of a pair has broken and has come out of an of its formations of congestion (accumulation or distribution). You implement one of the Forex, in this case the entry strategies.

Multi-time technique will help you to find the point of lower risk when entering your initial order of purchase or sale. Of the same mode and using the same strategy but this time to close your position, the technical of temporalities multiple you will show also how close your operation getting the greater benefit possible.

The more consistent way of extracting profits in the market is operating the beginning of trends within a cycle. Once confirmed by their respective breakdowns from the areas of uncertainty. This is the mother of all the strategies FOREX. And in a market that operates them 24 hours, we have cycles more frequently and by ende more opportunities.

forex, fx, economy, finance, currency, loans, credits, investments


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