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forex, fx, trading

What nobody will tell you the Forex:

  • Their true profitability in the past 2 years at least.
  • All the money that lost since I started in the Forex.
  • How long you cost understand Trading.
  • Whether or not now is a winning Trader.

That many will tell you:

  • I have much experience in the Forex.
  • Have been earning good money in Forex.
  • My Trading strategy has an incredibly good effectiveness.
  • The Trading is simple just need to have a good strategy.

What tells you one of our partners:

I have 6 years in the world of Forex, my first contact with the word Forex was in my last year of University, a Professor of finance talked about the market currency and its potential as a business calling much attention, investigate the issue I saw Trading platforms, and then for reasons of time I go in other avatars a time after having finished my mechanical engineering degree to work to a local company, then a few months I went back to have contact with the Forex, this time go me much on the subject, opened a demo account and began to operate it, had an initial success quite promising and dreams of my own company began to emerge, after 3 months of success in demo accounts surrender to the company where he worked and opt to open a small account. The more than obvious results were disappointing, I realized quickly that operate a real account was very different from operating a demo account.

I opted to take a Forex course distance, about 2 months after having learned many technical concepts needed I returned to open a real account, this time the account knew it better, manage certainly did it grow by 120% in 1 month, which for me was great at that time, at that time in safety and confidence to win, I was very safe with all the expertise that had learned and who was still learning , until I get the day in which a bad risk management made me reduce my account to 20% of the initial amount.

After that, go through the same vicious circle for more than 1 year, it always aiding in the management of risk or poor emotional control type errors, I however thought that the error of my Trading was in my strategy, I spent weeks trying to find new strategies to improve my Trading, to overcome this barrier that I had placed , over time I realized that the error of my Trading was not going through strategies, but for my.

By my little emotional control, that nothing in this world I had been preparing to carry out Trading, is it so difficult perhaps? Yes, it is ironic, it is easy to learn it and is difficult to carry it out. It is a fight against yourself, against your fears, fears and conflicts. It is a mental war which you must reorder your head to find the appropriate parameters which make you to work properly in the Trading. Nothing in the world has prepared them to most of you friends readers for Trading, because to be successful in Trading you must reset your brain mental chip. That is the reason why so many people smart and trained, professionals, engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, advertisers, fail in the Trading.

Then you have understood this, I dedicated myself to train my emotions, to think about trading in a different way, to not think about money whenever a trade is made, I just wanted to make good Trading, good or bad operations, no matter, only good Trading. What is good Trading? Be flexible with your expectations and rigid with your rules. The majority of traders working backwards: flexible with its rules and rigid with your expectations. That is the reason of why I always end up losing.

You friend reader, that until these lines has come with care, you will be asked do so hard to learn how to make Trading correct? I would say that the majority of people Yes, to my personally me cost time, money, sorrows and anxieties. But I must also say that it is rewarding when you manage to understand this and when everything flows naturally.

My advice friends readers, is that they should not expect to have long or traumatic experiences in the Trading to become a day of successful traders, that time is not a guarantee of success, I’ve known traders that never became successful consistent over time, if you want to do Trading, educate on the 3 pillars of Trading:

  • A good Trading psychology.
  • Risk management.
  • A very high Trading strategy.
forex, fx, trading


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