credits, loans, finance, currency, economy

credits, loans, finance, currency, economy

This Friday the President enacted a law that eliminates the interests in the education credits granted by the national savings fund for students of prioritized by the Sisben strata: 1, 2, and 3. This rule will benefit about 2 million members in the background.

“Do you mean zero interest? That only comes to the CPI, the increase in the cost of living, to maintain the value of the credit, but not charged interests from there up, because in any credit there is usually an additional cost, which are interests”, said the head of State.

He President said that them interests van to go by has of the State, to get you the cost to them credits requested.

How can I access to credit?

If you are a high school student, or if it works and want to make an undergraduate, Augusto Posada Sanchez, Chairman of the national savings fund gives the keys to be able to apply for this credit:

1 the credit is awarded only to undergraduate.

2 is given to those who belong, and to certify, making part of the strata 1, 2 or 3 prioritized by the Sisben.

3 do not be reported in Datacredito.

4 this financial support can be requested in two modalities:

-The applicant must be affiliated with the national savings fund.

-If you are not affiliated, you must open an account of voluntary savings in the Fund and save, with a commitment that is made for a year, 10 percent of salary. The education credit may ask the second month to enter the percentage of the payment.

5 There are two methods of payment:

Short term: the applicant requests money to pay semester to semester and you are paying while he studied.

Long term: the student asks all of the cost of the race at the start of this. At the end, the national savings fund gives you a ‘ sabbatical ‘ so that the applicant can find employment stability and begins at the end of that period the monthly fee, without interest, but with the CPI.

6 If the person asks credit for outside it disburses in international currency and is charged in pesos.

7 at the time of applying for the credit, the study for approval takes between two and five days.

credits, loans, finance, currency, economy


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