credit,loan.credit loans.loans credit

credit,loans,credit loans,loans credit


Every day he is bought and sold in bag to credit, using more structured products, the most common, Cfds and less typically borrow money, although there is the possibility of loans between individuals. My question is more focused on buying shares of stock exchange, not to speculate of pure, hard, for that are financial derivatives.

While the most common is speculate with derivatives, also you can speculate with shares on credit.

Suppose for a moment that you decide to go to the OPA of Abertis, which has spoken in all the blogs and Spanish forums related to the stock market. The operation you feel great, and you’re willing to risk a little, since you have a safety net, if the operation does not go well will stay with the actions that you aren’t able to sell.

You are taking a bullish bias, and why you want to buy shares of Abertis, but now you’re rather short pasta, so instead of throwing your reserve of capital (if you have it) you decide that it is more interesting to ask for a loan can ask for a loan to buy shares? Yes, if a loan is available to order actions, you analyze two proposals for two different broker:

Brokers with accounts that allow you to borrow stock

The brokers I analyze and offer this possibility are Self Bank, with your tentuplica account, and the Broker of Bankinter.

The operation should study it very well, because these loans are not free, have costs associated with the loan, not by opening them since they are free in the two cases, but if for the money paid.

Bankinter broker

The option to purchase on credit of Bankinter, after examining the two, is that I like the most. Points to keep in mind to buy shares on credit with Bankinter:

  • Time of validity of the credit 6 months, although according to the broker the effective time is 5. Not be a coming to say 6, if then allow 5… the world is full of contrasentidos.pedir a credit to invest in bag bankinter

  • The credit to invest in stock market, will be the total of the value of the shares, but will leave a guarantee of 15% of the total of the purchase.

  • The warranty is recalculated (as with Cfds) and they may ask that you increase it, if the value drops, or they leave you to release part of the warranty if the value goes up.

  • You can terminate the loan at any time, selling the shares or providing the capital that was asked… seems to me an interesting point.

  • Assume that the value is much lower and have no adequate account. The broker could close the position.

  • Interest rate… “very important” euribor + 6%.

  • The dividend-producing stocks are the customer, also in case of extensions, as for example scripts dividends.

  • Can be different types of orders, such as stops or stops profits.
credit,loans,credit loans,loans credit


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