credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, finance, economy, investments

credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, finance, economy, investments

The President of Banco Colpatria, Santiago Perdomo, talks about the rotation that is taking the country’s economy, consumption, tax reform and the growth of the business.

Consumer confidence still remains stable despite the turbulence and uncertainties generated by the oil price crisis, and despite the index published by Fedesarrollo sagged a bit in January, compared to December of the year past and the same month of 2014.

Gives one of the examples the President of Banco Colpatria, Santiago Perdomo, who anticipated that the first two months of 2015 have been positive for the credit and that this year these placements could grow 15% in the entire system. In 2014, this business would have grown from 16% to 16.5%, according to data from the same Perdomo. Despite the picture, it not seen clouds short term in suspended credits, because it considers that the Colombian is and will continue to be well paid.

In fact, records positively that consumption and credits do not have been affected with the situation of the oil and mining industry. “I see that people are excited and maintained the levels of consumer confidence,” he insists.

Perhaps for this reason, Bank undertook an ambitious plan of expansion in microcredit, whose five-year goal is to achieve placements for $600 million. “We are pulling in Bogotá, but it will be a model to expand to other cities. In Bogota we have two centers specializing in micro-credit and believe that we can reach 10 “, assures.

For the banker, much of the consumer credit, commercial and mortgage is it reflected in the development and growth of intermediate cities such as Cúcuta, Ibagué, Montería, Valledupar, Pasto and Popayán. “The dynamics in these cities is impressive,” he says.

Not in vain Scotiabank (main shareholder of Banco Colpatria), has Colombia among the four countries in the Region where organic growth by 2015 has more may materialize.

On other fronts, Perdomo welcomed a change as the current rate. “The devaluation is very good news for the productive and exporting sectors. Entrepreneurs who made the task in the past, improving competitiveness and resisted, going to earn money with this dollar”statement.

Perdomo also mentions the need to pass a tax reform that can improve the levels of revenues and reduce evasion.

Your ‘tax recipe’ calls for lowering the income tax, raise taxes to individuals and eliminate exemptions and gaps that encourage evasion. “Reform is needed with pants, although not popular”, it adds. Even, emphasizes that it is necessary to talk about universal VAT, a voice that was replicated these days by other banks.


9 sentences of Perdomo

You no longer need cash, banknotes encourage illegal and evasion.

Issuing the tickets of $100,000 will cost the country $70,000 million.

You have to do a tax reform with posts pants.

Investment in infrastructure is the correct output in a year like this.

The rise of the dollar creates opportunities for exporters. Growers who resisted the revaluation are some boars.

The economy is going to be ‘honest’ with a rate of change as the current.

Scotiabank has expansion plans this year in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Of consumer credit is an art, as banker must be up all the time.

We are interested in finance program 4 G way.

credits, loans, credit loans, loans credit, finance, economy, investments


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