credits, loans, finance, economy, currency, investments

credits, loans, finance, economy, currency, investments

Internet and its desire of community, not only allows to them people share your life through them networks social, now also facilitates the possibility of put in contact to people for pay is money between itself. First is gave with the crowdfunding, companies that asked support financial for their projects through platforms online, but this has gone more beyond, now the people or companies can pay is money between itself and get a profitability by this, is the crowdlending.

The platforms of loans between people is presented as an alternative to the financing through the banking traditional or them companies credit. Inside the ‘ loans between equal ‘ is distinguished two types of funding, the p2p, that are between private and the p2b, of particular to companies.

P2P, loans between individuals

Crosslend loans

Crosslend is the platform that most amount granted to SMEs and freelancers offering loans of up to € 30,000 to an interest rate from 5.87% Apr. The maximum repayment term is 5 years. Account with a Commission of opening of the 0.5 to the 5%, depending on the amount requested.

This participatory platform is made by investors from all over Europe.

The request is made through a simple process online.

Loan Zank

The platform Zank offers a funding p2p of up to 10,000€ without having that change of Bank. Being a loan to individuals, the credit can be used for various purposes such as the purchase of vehicles, celebrations, furniture, reform housing or studies and also allows you to refinance debt.

The type of interest of the loan Zank varies according to the purpose and risk of the borrower, starting of a 5% up to a 18% TAE. All those loans have with a cost of the 2% as rate of management that is charged to the finish the payment total of these. As regards the term of return can be from six months to four years.

Loan Excelend

Excelend, founded in 2014 by Findirect, offers loans of 3,000 to €15,000 with a term of 1 to 5 years back. The interest rate on this loan is from 4.83% APR (4.73% TIN), these interests must be added to an annual rate of 3.40%, a Commission of assurance of 1.92%, a 1% management fee and a fee which can be from 0 to 3% depending on the rating of the customer.

Upon request via online, the user receives a response within 72 hours and the money enters the customer’s account in less than a week.

P2B, loans in particular to companies


The platform Spanish MytripleA directs its loans to SMEs and autonomous and is the first and only platform of crowdlending with license of the Bank of Spain. It does not mean that the others are illegal but that are governed by business parameters. In addition, to difference of the rest of platforms, offers also discounts on invoices. The amount of the loan is € 3,000 to 300,000.

The formalities of application are online. Sent once MyripleA study the project in an estimated period of five to 21 days and once accepted, receiving the money in account in another five days.

Funding Circle

Formerly Zencap, Funding Circle is another participatory platform p2b. Funding Circle offers loans of up to € 250,000 to return in a maximum of five years.

For a loan at Funding Circle, is send a request that will be analyzed by a team of risk of the entity within a maximum of 48 hours. After the study, the platform sends a proposal, if accepted, the money will be transferred to the account within 10 days.

The ‘crowlending’ is also a new way of investment

These platforms are not only a way of funding, also are investment. A part essential of the crowdlending are them particular that invest in such platforms participatory with which can get a profitability more to it of a deposit.

From face to investors, this type of investment is simple with respect to other investment products more complicated and difficult to understand. By it against, the risk resides in the possibility of that the borrowers not returned the funding acquired. These investments are not guaranteed

credits, loans, finance, economy, currency, investments


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