credit, loan, credit loans, loans credit

credit, loan, credit loans, loans credit

Consumer credit is a loan that may be granted by a financial institution (Bank or specialized company) in order to afford to buy some goods or dispose of an amount of money. You can subscribe in a bank branch or somewhere in sales. Some agencies also propose the subscription online for a consumer credit.

Goods that can be purchased with a loan of consumption are for instance a car, furniture, appliances or entertainment, a computer or decorations and ornamental items. It can also be intangible such as a trip or any leisure activity. When they cannot or do not wish to pay cash, of consumer credit allows them to stagger payments over an agreed period the institution lender.

The duration of a credit must never exceed the duration of foreseeable life of the acquired asset. Similarly, a credit fund annual holiday-oriented should not exceed a few months.

Of consumer credit can take the form of a loan affect a good or a non-affected loan.

The latter is a loan of money which his will which may be a personal loan or a credit standing.

To determine the lending amount, the lender institution shall take into account:

-Your ability to repay, which is linked to your monthly income and incompressible expenses.

-Internal criteria for evaluation of the risk according to their customer profile.

-Information provided by financial notation agencies that takes into account your income, your existing loans and his credit history.

There are some important issues relating to the consumer credit which could interest them and guide them in their decisions.

Information to the consumer

One of the key points of law is everything to do with the information. Law is incredibly neat, detailed, information that lenders and brokers are required to facilitate, by providing definitions of each of the concepts, and even collecting in their annexes standard models to supply it.

credit, loan, credit loans, loans credit


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