loans, credits, finance, currency, economy, investments

loans, credits, finance, currency, economy, investments

The insufficient solvency economic is an of them causes that more braking to many young at the time of start their studies senior. In other cases, wanting to study a second career or specialize is an extra expense to the budget provided for the education of a student.

Face funding is not a deterrent to academic development, those students who are not beneficiaries of scholarships, whether they are public or private, have the option of applying for a bank loan to study. This type of loan, with conditions tailored to the profile of the student, allows flexibility in returning among other features.

What loans offer the banks for study?

Total credit University of Santander

Santander offers a personal loan to finance studies degree or graduate with a limit of 80,000 euros. With the credit Total, is can finance the registration, the rates of the course or ten months of salary minimum interprofessional. Also you can include them expenses of stay or support.

He term of lack during which is can postpone the payment of the loan is of minimum 6 months, taking as maximum the period of studies over a year. While the maximum return is 10 years, including the grace period.

The type of interest of this loan is of a Euribor to the + 5.95%. Students can obtain a bonus of good grades – 1% and – 1% son of linked client. The fee is 3% and the cancellation and repayment of 1.5%.

This credit is directed to students and graduates of up to 31 years completed.

Credit studies course to course of the Caixa

La Caixa offers this credit to cover tuition fees and other related expenses. Each year, the student may have the amount that you may need since the capital is amortized during the course to be able to renew in the next course.

He credit has a duration total of until 6 years and its award is conditioned to the prior analysis of the solvency and the capacity of return of the applicant.

On the other hand, in case of wanting to split the payment of your tuition, the Caixa also offers the loan express registration, that you allows return the amount of your tuition fractionated in a period of 3, 6 or 10 months.

Both the loan and credit studies course to course tuition Express, have a fee of 1% and an interest to Euribor + 5.95%.

Credit for studies and courses of Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell finances you the total cost of the studies provided the cost of tuition is less than 15,000 euros. The term of return is of up to 10 years, including the period of lack.

Its type of interest is of the 5.50%, to which there is that added a Commission of opening of the 0.50%.

The payment of the loan is for a total of 12 installments per year, but Banco Sabadell allows you to pay only the interest on credit during the period of the studies with a maximum period of five years.

Characteristics of the loans to the study

-Wide funding: these loans allow finance to the 100% of the studies as well as costs related with them as material, stay, transportation, etc.

-Low interest: the interest rates on these loans, with figures close to the 6% interest, tend to be smaller than other types of loans that have an average of 8.57% of interest.

-Flexibility in repayment: may be returned in terms of up to 10 years.

-Grace period: many of these loans allow you to defer the payment of the loan from six months. And, in some cases, during this period it is allowed to pay only the interest on the loan.

-Wide range of age: to these loans can access from young of 18 to 31 years completed, provided ensure have solvency and ability of return of the amount.

Study loans are very common in other countries, in the case of Spain is even seen with some suspicion but do not stop being another option when it comes to finance studies and their respective costs, whether in public centres and private.

loans, credits, finance, currency, economy, investments


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