loan, credit, loans credit,credit loans

loan,credit,loans credit,credit loans


The profitability of a bank loan is measured under the financial planning that is made of the same. Deposits, movements and banking transactions are some of the factors that help us to be able to outline to this objective.

Acquire a bank loan can be our economic solution or our biggest headache. This response can be obtained after the initial planning loan, since before making formalities, the most important is to know that we will do with the money.

Many times I’ve discussed this topic with professionals interested in taking out a bank loan and the question that I always make them is, “in that will invest the money that will allow you the return of the monthly installments?, some tell me,”the important thing is to take out the loan and then we see that we are doing”and others say,” you invest everything in my business and from there won more “.”

Based on the first response, financial commitments should be the respect that they deserve, since by those comments continues to grow the delinquency rate of bank loans and consequently affects the customer and the Bank. It affects the customer because with bad credit behavior hard to continue benefiting again by any Bank, and affects the Bank because financial institutions greater economic income comes from bank loans.

On the basis of the second response, it is important to note that all commercial business has an established average of sale, so invest you more money often is not the solution because it will continue selling the same average. I.e., if a clothing store that used to sell an average of Bs. 5 thousand per week, taking on display all your goods are complete, invest you more money in goods possibly is not the best choice, unless you have certain items that have high rotation and you need buy in quantities to save because there is a shortage of it.

Now, when it comes to that in our business or company there are faults in items we sell due to lack of investment and poor liquidity, can if be an option to invest the money of Bank lending to increase sales and generate revenue. Course, is important to assess whether the committed to the Bank monthly fee is within the standards of financial compliance for our company.

A very common fault on the borrower is that it plays with the same money movements to create better profile and apply for a loan, now, when the monthly fee of the approved loan are inconsistent within the real income of the client, when bank lending becomes a real headache. That is why it is so important to evaluate the amount apply and decide with greater sincerity, because a greater amount greater is the undertaking to pay.

loan,credit,loans credit,credit loans


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